The starting point is the station of Orta-Miasino, we continue straight on following the Strada della Prisciola and passing on the right the Hotel Villa San Francesco. We continue until we meet the dirt road that will lead us to the church of Santo Stefano in Corconio.

We now climb up towards the cemetery of Corconio until we meet the provincial road. Here we descend to the bridge over the railway line and turn right: immediately after the farmhouse we take the dirt road that climbs to the left.
We pass the source Bersanella and peel into Via Artogno in Bolzano Novarese.

At the stop sign turn right and follow until the next stop sign along Via Mario Motta.

Here we turn right again and soon reach the entrance to Via Marangoni that leads to Lido di Buccione.

We reach the small port of the gulf of Buccione going down along the dirt road of Via Fransisca.

We turn left and continue along the lake: on our right we can admire numerous reed beds, the Island of San Giulio and the Hill with the Tower of Buccione. The road is not particularly difficult because it is all flat.

After about 2 km we reach Cascina Fara on our right, while on the left there is a path that goes up to the Church of Our Lady of Luzzara. Continuing further on, there is a stretch of asphalt road that leads to Via F.M. Beltrami in the hamlet of Pascolo di San Maurizio d`Opaglio.

A small climb separates us from the intersection with the road that climbs to the left towards Sazza. We continue straight on following Via 6° Brigata Nello and we cross the narrow streets of the village of Pascolo.
When you get to the side of the restaurant da Venanzio, a dirt road starts which first goes up slightly and then flattens out. We are at Punta Casario, just past a sign, on the left, there is the road that climbs to the Fountain of S. Giulio.

The path continues until it almost disappears into a gate: in reality, a very narrow path close to the boundary wall runs alongside Villa Guadagnini.

We continue further, after a small house recently restored on the left protected by a high gate we can admire Villa Castelnuovo: the road narrows a little between two hedges until you get to the base of a dirt climb of just over 100 meters in length but quite challenging. At the top of the climb the dirt road ends and we come to Via Fratelli Di Dio in the hamlet of Lagna di San Maurizio d`Opaglio.

We cross on our right the Church of San Rocco and continue turning left and crossing the small stream until we reach the provincial road 48 Lagna – Pella. Now turn right in the direction of the village of Pella and reach the village of Roncallo al Lago. A little further on, at the hamlet of Prorio on the left, we can admire the ancient church of San Filiberto. Continuing on the road we reach the historic center of Pella.

From here you can return along the same route or you can embark from Pella and reach Orta with a mini-cruise of the Lake Orta Navigation Service (€ 4.90). Once in Orta reach the station of Orta on foot along the scenic road via Fava that you take in Piazza Motta on the right.