Lake Orta offers every opportunity for an active water sports holiday with windsurfing, canoeing, waterskiing and wakeboarding, sailing and adrenalin pumpers like rafting and scuba diving.

Lake Orta is a true paradise for fishermen too. Orta and its crystal clear waters await for a fun holiday that is both active and healthy. 

We have chosen some paths from our Campeggio di Crabbia,  enjoy your walking tour!

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Monte Barro is very easily to reach on foot starting from Campeggio Punta di Crabbia and continuing to the right.

The top consists of two peaks, on the highest  is placed a wooden cross on the initiative of the Alpine Group.

Before the last track you meet a deviation that leads you to Agrano and finally to Borca in Omegna.







You can easily reach the locality of Pratolungo in about 30 minutes and descend towards the Valley of Pescone.

From here you can continue up to the nice village of Armeno and get the ring following Carcegna or continuing towards the railway bridge of Pettenasco and finally to return in Crabbia.





1. leave the camping and proceed along the main road on the lake to Orta San Giulio

2. after the traffic circle of Orta an uphill leads us below the Torre di Buccione and then to Lido di Gozzano

3. at next traffic circle go right in direction Pella - San Maurizio

4. get over San Maurizio continuing to Pella. Let beyond the cliff of the Madonna del Sasso and continue along Via Cave



5. after this village of Alzo the street raises to Cesara and goes through the picturesque villages of Nonio and Brolo

6. Now we descend to the village of Omegna on its lovely lakeside 

 Just next to the hospital turn right following Borca, the way leads us to Pettenasco

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Arrived in Omegna you can decide to return to Punta Crabbia enjoing a boat trip.

Just carry on board your bike!
The boat departs at 14.15 from Omegna Every day, from April to September, and arrives in a few minutes to Punta Crabbia.

Tickets on board!






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